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pursUance: Straight Out The Box!

Taniki Richard

The #1 Best Self-Support Podcast for Veterans. GO AFTER THE BETTER U! Join Taniki and her Guests as they discuss personal experiences, share professional guidance, and give insight into difficult life topics. Don't place yourself in a [BOX]. Discover a new perspective for positive life change. Monthly episodes and Special Segments. Leave Taniki a voice message to comment on the episodes you enjoyed at (757) 761-5600 or send an email to pursUanceSOTB@jtinspire.com. Watch episodes and more videos *Subscribe* to Taniki's YouTube Channel: JT Inspire. Continue the conversation on IG: @pursuancesotb FB: JT Inspire LLC (Be a Guest or submit an Advertisement at https://www.jtinspire.com/podcast) #pursuancesotb #psotb #HelpIsStrength